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SibDiet is a diet app which provides over 700 types of diet plans based on body temperament and metabolism


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specialized diet plans with therapeutic effects


through the combination of modern and traditional nutrition science

with therapeutic effects for various diseases and conditions. The diet plans are suitable for all from seven-month-old infants to elderlies

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Some Diets

Pregnancy diet
Lactation diet
Infants, Kids, Teens diets
Obesity diet
Vegetarian diet
Athletes diets
Cancer Patients diets
High uric acid control diet
Athletes diets
Digestive problems diets
Metabolic disorders diet
Slimming diet
Topical obesity diet
Diabetes diet
Terrible headaches diet
Diabetes diet
Prolific artists diets
The diet of kidney problems
Skin and hair balance diets
Elderlies diets
Arthritis and osteoporosis diets
Elderlies diets
MS diseases diets
Authorized in Nutrition Expert Advisor office from the Medical Organization

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